When were the sewers made? 2/2

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When were the sewers made?

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When where your pipes madeA much more efficient and guaranteed method of determining the quality of your drains is to hire a drain engineer to use CCTV drain surveys. These surveys are perfect for identifying the age and quality of your drains. Using the latest technology and software, a drain technician will be able to spot any decay or damage that is pre-existing, and following the survey they will provide you with a report that includes the most appropriate follow up actions.

In cases where the drainage systems are found to be quite old and wearing away, one of the best preventative methods is to replace the system. While it may seem an expensive task, it is far more cost effective than to have to keep calling a drain engineer everytime a new part of the system collapses.

It is also possible to check the quality of your drains manually, but this will not guarantee the same quality results as a CCTV survey. Once you have the original plans for your property, check the number of manholes and where the drains run.

If there are new manholes that have been installed recently, this may mean that the drainage system has been altered since installation. If you have not been checking your drains, but have noticed that you regularly have problems with the drainage in your property, there is a chance that the system is fairly old and needs considerable repair and maintenance. In this scenario the best solution would be to call out a blocked drain Cheltenham professional drain engineer who can take care of the problem for you.