Can tree roots really damage my drains?

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Can tree roots really damage my drains?

Tree root invasion is a very serious problem that we see very often. It is easy to forget about the risk of tree roots entering your drains, given that the problem is underground, which is why we do not often take care of our drains well enough to prevent tree roots from entering them. It is important to regularly maintain your drainage systems to a high standard to avoid problems like this, as it can interrupt the flow of wastewater being taken away and this causes the wastewater to flood your property.

Flooding is a major problem that can cause serious damage to your home, as well as posing a serious health hazard due to all the bacteria in the wastewater that can contaminate your property. To keep your household safe from disease and contamination, you must make sure to take care of your drains regularly and take precautionary steps to prevent any damage from taking place.

can tree roots really damage my drainProperties with very old drainage systems are most at risk of tree root invasion. Old drains are weak and vulnerable, and over time the wear and tear that they will have endured is bound to cause some decay and breakage. It is very common to find cracks in old drains, and this is the number one way for a tree root to find its way in. Tree roots get smaller in size as they get further away from the tree itself, and so by the time they reach your drains they are likely small enough to enter even the tiniest of cracks.

Tree roots thrive in drains. The conditions of the pipes are perfect for root growth, as it provides them with plenty of water and nutrients from the wastewater. However, this can be a big problem for your drainage system; as the root absorbs more of these nutrients it will grow in size, and if it has made its way through a crack then the growth of the root creates pressure on the crack. This either causes the crack to grow in size, or burst completely. A burst pipe is a problem in and of itself, but it can also lead to a complete collapse of the pipe, and the product of this collapse is flooding.

If you are unsure of the quality of your drains, or of how old they are, there are a few things you can do to find out. CCTV drain surveys are a great way to thoroughly investigate the quality of your drains, as well as finding out roughly how old they are judging by the amount of decay and breakages in the pipes. Using the latest technology and software, CCTV drain surveys can inspect your drains for any defects that are risk for bigger problems, and if anything is located it can be dealt with then and there. Getting a CCTV drain survey means you can rest assured knowing that you have taken the necessary preventative steps to avoid major problems like flooding, saving yourself time and money.

You can also find out how old your drains are by contacting your local council. The council will have the original drain system plans from when the property was originally built, which you are within your rights to obtain. However, these plans may not be entirely accurate, as the drains may have been altered since installation. We recommend getting a CCTV drain survey done on your property for a guaranteed report of the quality of your drains as they are currently, as opposed to getting a plan that may be outdated.

Once there are cracks in the pipes, it doesn’t take much to cause them to collapse, and it can be as small as the tiniest tree roots entering the system. Don’t wait to do something about it, act straight away! Faults in your drains will never go away on their own, so call a professional drain technician today to avoid being faced with major problems like flooding, and save yourself the stress and hassle of having to rectify these issues.