The experienced local technicians and pipe care

All aspects of home drainage systems can be dealt with by Local Drain Unblocking from a simple blocked toilet to a complex underground repair. The team also offer a full emergency call out service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Drain maintenance is the most important service we provide. Drain has to be maintained so a blockage does not appear – that’s the reason we advocate prevention. To do this job we have trained a special team. This team is fully equipped and have knowledge of all types of drains out there.

So you don’t have to worry that we may not know how to help you. Call us and receive guaranteed maintenance service for whatever drain you have.

Camera survey as part of maintenance

All work is guaranteed for a minimum of 6 weeks after the work is completed so you can call the team back out if you find any problems.for small or large clearance jobs

CCTV drainage surveys investigate your drain system. These camera surveys and are used to find any problems or blockages within the pipes.

The team at Blocked Drain Services have the most up to date camera technology and can provide a full report detailing any problem found within the system that could be causing problems now or create a problem in the future.


It is vital to get a home buyers survey carried out to a potential property you are looking to purchase to evaluate the current drainage system so as to avoid any surprise blockages in future which could be costly, messy and untimely.

If 24 Hour Blocked Drains find any problems with the current drainage system, they can provide a full and detailed report as well as a free no obligation quote. There are a number of repairs that can be carried out to the drainage system.

These repairs are needed to get it back to full working order. And we are doing them for a reasonable low price.

Blocked Drain Toilet Maintenance Tips

Our team in the city deal with a wide variety of people and varying degrees of interest in home improvement or maintenance. Most commonly we find that people don’t have the time or energy to maintain there house in order to prevent call outs and repairs and would rather just call us out to get a problem resolved there and then. However there are a few people who like to do as much as they can to prevent having to call out professionals, who often charge hefty call out fees.
If you’re on of those people who likes to spend time maintaining your home so you can save money on professional services then here are a few tips from Blocked Drain 24 Hours, to hopefully prevent having to rely on our services. Firstly when it comes to blocked toilets they can be a home owners worst nightmare, they can smell and obviously make life really difficult.
Our first tip for spotting a problem and sorting it would be to look into peculiar sounds when flushing. These out of the ordinary sounds could be things like reduced pressure when flushing, or louder flushes. Most of the time it’ll just be that you have something wrong with your flushing mechanism which can be resolved pretty quickly, however funny noises coming from your toilets flush could be due to an obstruction of water in your pipes which would really need to be looked at straight away. Another top tip for toilet maintenance would be to make sure your flush is always strong and powerful. Lost pressure and weaker flushes could cause problems later down the line and would be best fixed sooner rather than later for financial purposes and ease of living purposes.
We recommend solving any Drain or Blockage issues are sorted as soon as possible for the most cost effective results.