Keep your drains from clogging up with your Cheltenham experts

Blocked Drain Local Services suggests that clogged drain is inconvenient and can be costly.  Often, there are several ways that a blockage can be prevented just by following the simple rule of keeping an eye on exactly what goes into your drains.Home care tips from experts
  • Do not flush away disposable items, particularly if they are insoluble. Wet wipes, nappies and cotton pads are the biggest culprits causing drain problems and regularly blocking toilets.
  • Keep toiletries, air fresheners and toys away from where they could fall in to the toilet pan and cause a blockage.
  • Remove hair from your bathroom sink, shower and bath plugs. Empty the traps if you are able to access them
  • Do not dispose of cooking oils and food remains in the kitchen sink. Let them harden and put them in the bin

Everybody knows that stress causes health risks and problems. You can avoid stressful situations by preventing problem from occurring. In this case the problem is a blockage or by other words – blockage.

Food waste and coffee grounds

It is not easy to fight a blockage. That is the main reason you should spend some time and energy now to prevent blockage. So you should’t have to spend even more time and more energy by unblocking drains. That way you can save your money too.

As mentioned above there are many preventative methods you can use. The best way is to be conscious of what you wash away your sin. Also very important is to think about what you flush down your toilet.

You might think that food waste and coffee grounds are fine to flush away in the toilet. Yes, these are organic substances. But that doesn’t mean you can chuck them in your drains. Your toilet capacity as well as your sink drain capacity is not big enough.

These substances needs storing until they decompose. And the storage of your toilet or sink pipe can be soon over filled.