When were the sewers made? 1/2

When were the sewers made? 1/2

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When were the sewers made?

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Old sewer systemsIt is a well known fact that up until the 19th Century, Britain did not have the efficient, clean sewage systems that we have today. Thankfully nowadays we are far more lucky, and this is something we often take for granted. We turn on the taps and expect the water to come gushing out clean and healthy to drink, without thinking about the systems that are in place in order to make that happen.

The majority of public sewers are regularly maintained and kept in good condition. So you can rest easy knowing that the sewers that take wastewater away from your house are probably in excellent quality condition. But what about the systems within the boundaries of your property? We don’t tend to give our drainage systems much of a second thought, and this means that we often forget our drains could be getting quite old.

This creates a problem because older drainage systems are far more susceptible to decay, damage, and even complete collapse. But don’t panic, there are plenty of simple ways to find out the condition of your property’s drainage systems.

The first step, if you don’t want to hire in a contractor, would be to ask your local council. They may have the original plans to your house, and this will possibly include a drainage layout. If you know that your house is particularly old, it may be possible to find these plans in the archives.

The problem with this is, these plans do not guarantee that this is what is still in place. The drainage layout plan might be an accurate depiction of what the drains were like when the house was first built, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that things haven’t changed. At Blocked Drain Cheltenham, we understand that as the sewers change, so too must our methods.